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Dementia Care Consulting and Planning

In a time where home healthcare shortages are growing exponentially and families are caring for their loved ones at home, FTH is happy to provide a solution to help balance family, work and caregiving. With over 32 years experience in neuro cognitive behaviours and personal care, our consulting services are second to none. Created as a means to provide you with  personalized tools, education, and support that is unique to your loved one’s needs and your family lifestyle.

Through our ongoing virtual or phone consultations and support, FTH guides families through each stage of decline and  dementia progression and provides the necessary tools, coaching, education, resources and techniques to help families avoid caregiver burnout and assist in providing a safe, happy home for all family members.

Families utilizing this service will never be “left in the dark” when common dementia care  concerns and  behaviours pop up. You are not alone; help and support is just a phone call away.

Consultation Services for:

*On going Support

*Educational Resources 

*Personal Care Assessments

*Fall risk assessments/Prevention

*Complete Care Plans

*Bathing Plans

*Dietary Management

*Medication Management

*Tips/Techniques for Behavioural Challenges

*Engagement Tools/Resources

*Community Access Resources

*Ministry Resources


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