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Specialized Services

In addition to being Certified Personal Support Workers, many of your From the Heart healthcare team offers specialized services in Pastoral Care , Palliative Care, Mental Health First Aid, Gentle Persuasive Approaches in dementia, Early Childhood Education, and St.Peter's Feeding.  

Pastoral Care

Our Certified, complimentary Pastoral Care visits are a welcome addition to your spiritual healthcare needs.  Known as the Art of Active Listening, Pastoral Care visits are confidential, non denominational , and always Client lead. Prayer, Bible readings, Church programs, and Talk therapy are available at the request of our Clients. Included in all our services.

Palliative Care

Our Certified palliative care support aims at assisting our Clients in making and achieving their personal health goals.  Contrary to popular belief, Palliative Care is NOT end of life care. Rather, Palliative Care provides comfort measures and helps to improve the quality of life for those living with an advanced health diagnosis.

Mental Health First Aid

Our Certified, complimentary Mental Health First aid support assists our Clients who may be developing or experiencing a mental health crisis; so common in a new health diagnosis. Advocacy and decreasing the stigma of mental health are our primary goals in offering MHFA. Included in all our services.

**resources for  Registered Mental Health Professionals are available

Gentle Persuasive Approaches

Our Certified, complimentary GPAs are available for our Clients who are living with a dementia diagnosis. This evidence based training helps our healthcare team deliver optimum person centered, and compassionate care for all stages of dementia. Included in all our services.

Early Childhood Education

Our  ECE approaches were developed over the course of 30 years in early childhood education. ECE and specialized training in cognitive impairments, behaviors, and childhood exceptionalities are the foundation of our services in early childhood education for our youngest Clients.  Available as group care for PA days, Snow Days, emergency care, 

St Peters Feeding

Our Certified, St Peters feeding was designed  in the practical management of dysphagia and other feeding/ swallowing disorders. Common in geriatrics as well as those of our Clients recovering from stroke or brain injury, St Peters feeding helps ensure our Clients are receiving proper nutrients and fluid intake, as well as promotes good oral health

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