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Home Management and Domestic Support

Home management has to be one of the most difficult aspect of daily life for the majority of families. Whether it’s juggling a career, children, physical limitations or simply a lack of time….our homes almost always take a back burner to everything else in our lives.

In promoting healthy aging at home we, at From The Heart are happy to assist our Clients with their home management and domestic support needs.  Available for Clients of all ages, FTH uses the principles of IADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) and the positive impact they have on our quality of life for providing the home management services listed below:

*Transportation to and from appointments 

*Shopping and errand assistance

*Managing appointments 

*Managing home operating finances***

*Gardening /landscaping

*Snow/ice removal

*Basic home maintenance. **’ 

*Meal planning/Preparation

*Pet care/maintenance

*Fall prevention assessment where applicable *****

Domestic Support

Domestic support is a little more extensive than home management.  Available for Clients of any age, From The Heart domestic services consist of:

*Plan 1.     Sweep main floor, dishes, make beds, change towels, 1 light bathroom clean

*Plan 2.    Plan 1, Wash and vacuum floors, Change bed linens, dust and polish furniture, 

*Plan 3.  Plan 1 &2, Baseboards, Wash inside windows, Laundry, All bathrooms, Entrances, Light fixtures, Stairs/Railing

**Custom Plans available upon request

**Rates starting at $35/hour**


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